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65 Databases Package

Are you looking for content for your startup website or your existing website?

Then we have you covered with over 65 Databases with a lot of different Niches

Most Databases are in MySQL Format with some in XLSX Format and… Continue reading

WordPress Game Cheats Database

The WordPress Games Cheats Database consists of cheats for 17000+ different games on different consoles. This database is great for a new stand-alone website or could be used for additional data to an existing website.

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WordPress Drink Recipes Database

The WordPress Drinks Recipes Database consists of 8000+ various drink mixing recipes. This database is ideal to start a stand-alone website or add new data to an existing website.

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Wii Games Database

The Wii Games Database consists of information on 1300+ Wii games released. Database fields include game title, developer, publisher, date released, PAL, NTSC and JP.

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War Database

The War Database is a large CSV database consisting of information on 1199 wars from 1010. Database fields include start, finish, conflict name, victorious party and defeated party.

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US Zip Codes Database

The US Zip Code Database is a CSV database consisting of Zip codes, longitute and latitude information and more on all United States cities.

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US Windfarms Database

The US Windfarms Database consists of information on 120+ existing and proposed Windfarms in the country. Database fields consists of name, capacity, state, coordinates and status.

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US Radio Stations Database

The US Radio Station Database consists of information on 14900+ radio stations across the country. The database fields consists of radio station call sign, city of license, state, licensee, format and frequency.

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Bible Verses Database

The Bible Verse Database consists of 31 102 bible verses from the King James bible. The database consists of two tables – Bible Books and King James Bible Verses. Database fields include book, chapter, verse, and text.

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Texas Executions Database

The Texas Execution Database consists of information on all people executed in this US State since 1819 to 2012. Fields include the name of the person executed, race, age, gender, date executed and the crime(s).

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